Healthcare Practitioner

Educated outside EU and EEA

Work as a Healthcare Practitioner in Sweden

If you want to work as a healthcare practitioner and you are educated outside the EU and EEA, you may need to obtain a licence. This is where you can see the professions for which you need a licence and how you go about obtaining one.

Processing an application normally takes approximately 2 months if all the required information is included. Once you have successfully completed all of the steps, and assuming you have included all the required information, processing an application for a license currently takes approximately 2 weeks.


Biomedical scientist


Dental hygienist

Dental practitioner


Doctor of Medicine

Medical physicist



Nurse responsible -for general care

Occupational – therapist


Orthopaedic engineer







Speech therapist

Foreign healthcare professionals who intend to work in Sweden need to obtain a “License to Practice” from the Swedish authorities. One of the requirements is to have advanced level of knowledge in the Swedish language. The Swedish Language and Culture program leads up to the advanced fluency level (C1), which is required, for instance, by Socialstyrelsen (The National Board of Health and Welfare). It is also needed for academic and working life in Sweden in general

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Admission to the One Year Academic Swedish language course in Sweden

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Application processing of student residence permit in Sweden to the Swedish Migration Agency